Corporate Social Responsibility

The track record of good Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities of BEAEKA has earned the company its credibility, nation-wide brand images, and has also created trust & partnership with local communities all around its Projects/business operations.

The company has been investing in the environment and local community ever since its establishment. This includes among others:

  • Organize donations to victims of various disasters such flood and fire damage incidents.
  • Encourage & coordinate its employees to donate blood- one of its noblest ways of giving services to the community.
  • The company has also constructed a number of Schools, Health centers, roads, police stations, and made drinking water access outlets to communities by digging deep water wells. Few examples are:
    • One G+1 block, 6 class rooms for Addis Alemayehu Memorial School at Debremarkos.
    • One Block having 3 class rooms for Kabo Primary School at Meti wereda, Godere Town.
    • 12 Houses, 10 Kitchens & 10 shower points for poor people in Finoteselam Town.

Our Company strictly follows the principle of “No new investment without due consideration to Social and environmental considerations”.

Recognitions We Recieved