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BEAEKA General Business PLC is an authorized dealer of the advanced X3000 model SHACMAN brand trucks and their genuine spare parts both in Ethiopia and Djibouti.

BEAEKA is also building a modern assembly plant in Dire Dawa to assemble different models of SHACMAN brand heavy-duty trucks, and also, we are giving excellent after sales service in our well-equipped workshop facility located at Hana Mariam area in Addis Ababa.

We have been the choice of Government and non-governmental customers who seek the best in product quality, reliability, safety, affordability and after sales service.

SHACMAN heavy duty truck has more than half century experience in manufacturing heavy duty vehicles and is largest commercial vehicle producer in Asia adopting excellent product quality, global standard process, top production process and equipment in China. SHACMAN brand has witnessed higher reputation both in China and international market, and it is among the top three brands in China with over half a century experience in the automotive industry.

At present, SHACMAN heavy-duty trucks are sold in more than 90 overseas countries and regions, its export volume and level of technology has placed it in the leading position in the industry. The marketing service network covers Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central and South America and Eastern Europe.

SHACMAN uses the following five renowned main brand technologies for its trucks:
• Wei Chai Engine
• FAST Gearbox
• HANDE (MAN) and BPW Axle
• WABCO valves
• ZF steering technology, etc
Some of our main SHACMAN truck products are:
• Cargo Chassis
• Cargo trucks with trailers
• Fuel trucks with trailers
• Power tractor truck
• Dump truck
• Mixer truck
• And other special vehicles (like water truck, garbage compactor truck, vacuum sewage truck, firefighter truck, crane truck and others)

Spare parts for each model are fully available in stock locally at BEAEKA’s spare parts store and retail center.

For more information and product details, please visit our official website below.