Our Company

BEAEKA General Business PLC is one of the fastest growing business conglomerates in Ethiopia currently engaged in diversified sectors including Manufacturing Industry, Mining, Construction, Agri-business, Petroleum distribution business, as well as Import & Export activities. With its high quality and diversified products, BEAEKA is also engaged in varied service sectors, including machinery rental & maintenance, Printing press as well as Export coffee processing ventures leaving its footprints with a strong and wide client base. All these combined together have enabled the company to earn various prestigious “recognitions” from different Federal and Regional offices.

BEAEKA was launched as a business enterprise in 2010 mainly in construction activities that had rapidly expanded over the subsequent years to highly diversified business ventures all over the country. Today, the company is thriving to fulfil its primary vision, which is “To become a leading conglomerate corporate group in Ethiopia by 2030”.

Its Manufacturing industry wing is currently undertaking tasks related to the production of different types of Paints, Marble, Granite, Tiles, Marble chips and Edible oil processing and production in its factories located at Bahirdar and “Tatek” Industrial zone area of Sheger City, Oromia. In addition to the above, the Company is on the verge of finalizing the construction and installation of a high capacity Paint manufacturing and Packaging plant in Addis Ababa. Besides, works are also underway to establish a fuel and cargo truck assembly plant at Bahirdar in a joint venture with the internationally renowned Chinese Company Schakman at Dire Dawa. 

With a commitment to becoming the contractor of choice, our company (licensed with GC-1 and WC-1) is one of the forefront pioneers in key construction business areas including asphalt and gravel Roads, Railways, Dams, Industrial parks, Housing development construction and Water development activities. 

In its Agri-business wing, the company is producing high-quality agri-products mainly Specialty Arabica coffee, various types of spices, oil seeds and cereal crops, honey and fruit crops using the latest modern technologies.
In order to play its role in satisfying the ever-growing domestic energy demand, BEAEKA has recently established a petroleum company under the name Kokeb Petro. This business line has already embarked its activities by importing & distributing petroleum, and petroleum associated products.
Our Company is also actively engaged in the import and export business. BEAEKA has sub-dealership agreements with SCHAKMAN to import and distribute world-class construction machineries and spare parts. In the export sector, the company is one of the top exporters of Coffee, oil seeds and pulse crops targeting major market destinations in Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East.

BEAEKA has also well-equipped and modern service-rendering businesses such as:

  • Heavy-duty Machinery maintenance workshop
  • Construction Machinery rental services
  • Export coffee Cleaning and warehousing services, and
  • Printing Press
BEAEKA in general has undergone dynamic progress and today there are few sectors in the country in which it has not set its footprint. In the course of these, the Company has created more than 5,000 job opportunities for the citizens ranging from lowest to highest level of education.