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Our company BEAEKA General Business Plc (BEAEKA) export mainly focuses on agricultural commodities as Agriculture is the foundation of Ethiopia’s economy and for the emanation of foreign currency importantly. BEAEKA export actively focuses on meeting specific clients’ needs for the highest quality oilseeds, coffee, pulses and Soya meal (a by-product of our oil factory) sourced diligently and supplied directly to customers.

Our export is growing rapidly in terms of market scale and scope. Sound business practices and utter devotion to excellence in product and service delivery are the key tenets on which our export business is founded upon.

Our distinct market is extended to various destinations globally like Europe, the US, the Far East, the Middle East and Asian countries.   Through our commitment to efficiency and value proposition, we hope to reach other market destinations on the product lines we have working on and on the inquiries of the market.

Main Export commodities

Coffee : Produced Organic Arabica Coffee named “Godere” to the International Market. Our Coffee export main types are: Godere, Limmu, Teppi,Bench Maji, Sidamo,Guji,Yirgachefe and others. Also, we have other sources of incorporated with different coffee out growers from different parts of the country.

Oil seeds: Sesame Seed (Humera, Wollega & Reddish), Niger seeds, Castor seeds, Ground nuts…etc.

Pulses: Soya beans, Chick peas (Desi & Kabuli), Green mung beans, White pea beans…. etc.  

Soya Bean Meal and Other items as per requests of the buyers

The company has its own 2 wet mill, one dry mill and warehouses, which are eco-friendly and environmentally friendly installed.

Our company has a coffee processing and storage facility in Addis Ababa, equipped with a 5-tonne per hour capacity and full laboratory accessories, along with an Oilseeds and Pulses cleaning plant at Tatek industry area.

“Don’t worry about delivery on time.” 

We are Member of the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce, ECX (Ethiopian Commodity exchange) Member of the Ethiopian Pulses, Oil seeds & Spices Processors – Exporters Association (EPOSPEA) and Ethiopian Coffee Science Society.

As a clear & attractive picture is a major point on the international market, thus the picture must take exactly where the warehouse/the farm/ the product……… located by latest Camera production.