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Kokeb Kana Edible Oil Plant

Aiming at curbing the foreign currency outflow of the country and enhancing domestic capacity to supply edible oil, the company has started an edible oil crushing and refinery plant at Tatek Industrial Zone located in Oromia Regional State, Sheger city.

Recently, the factory has installed an additional Refinery equipped with the state of the art of technology in edible oil manufacturing aiming at supplying more than 115 tons of edible oil per day to the market.

As part of its effort to integrate the Agri-business wing with the manufacturing Industry, BEAEKA is also currently indulging in the oil crop production business (mainly soybean and sunflower) on its farm located at Jawi, Amhara Regional State.

Systems such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 ISO 2200:2018, and EIA are established to meet & maintain both customer and regulatory requirements.