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Earth Moving Construction Machineries

Our company BEAEKA General Business Plc (BEAEKA) Import business line is organized with highly equipped and experienced professionals in the sector. The import lines include different types of earth-moving construction machinery, construction inputs, and different industry inputs (for the conglomerate factories of our company including; different chemicals, sunflower crude oils, consumables of mineral development factories, spare parts and others).

The items are Fuel trucks with trailers, Cargo trucks with trailers, Chassis power and other products as well as spare parts.  

BEAEKA currently imports different earth Moving construction types of machinery like Graders, Excavators, Loaders, Rollers, Crushers and Bulldozers and Dump trucks; like  SINO, Shower trucks, spare parts and steel for own use and resale. 

The machinery we import are brand-named and genuinely experienced in operating in the Ethiopia environment effectively and efficiently with adequate accessibility of spare parts and after-sales service.


The Company is specialized in importing and supplying genuine spare parts for vehicles and construction types of machinery; like dump trucks, Shower trucks, Crushers, loaders, excavators, rollers and bulldozers.

Our fundamental aim is to provide top-quality construction machinery and heavy-duty types of equipment as well as to import and supply genuine spare parts.


Additionally we import and distribute the highest standard of 100% pure road construction bitumen of various grades, to mention some 60/70, 85/100, 120/150, and 180/200 among others.  

Deformed Bar

BEAEKA imports different sizes of steel bars ranging from 6 mm to 32 mm.a These products are imported mainly from Turkey.