BEAEKA recognizes that its future growth and long-term success depend significantly on Research and Business Development (R&BD) initiatives. To proactively capitalize on Ethiopia’s favorable business environment and effectively address potential challenges, the company has established a dedicated R&BD wing. This fully operational work unit takes on the critical responsibilities of conducting research, driving business development, and overseeing corporate planning, monitoring, and supervision.

The department’s core responsibilities revolve around key areas, including:

  • Advancing new techniques and technologies.
  • Exploring business opportunities that complement the company’s existing sectors with strong backward and forward linkages.
  • Conducting feasibility studies to evaluate the technical and financial viability of potential new business lines.
  • Creating a comprehensive and cohesive Corporate Plan that aligns with the company’s Strategic Plan, while ensuring diligent monitoring and supervision of its implementation.
  • Ensuring that each business unit within BEAEKA adheres to standardized procedures in line with both national and international best practices.
  • By actively engaging in  research and business development , BEAEKA aims to remain at the forefront of innovation, seize strategic opportunities, and foster sustainable growth across its diverse business ventures.