• Construction


    General Constructions (Grade 1), Machinery Rental and Real Estate

  • Import


    Import- Construction Machineries, Vehicles, Building Materials , Reinforced Steel Bar, Printing Papers, Tyres and Spare parts

  • Export


    Export- Oil seeds, Pules, Coffee and Marbles

  • Manufacturing


    Manufacturing Industry, Agro Industry and Printing Works


To be one of the well known and Ethiopian market leader companies by year 2025 through providing customers with high quality products and services with added value at competitive prices, simultaneously ensuring long term relationship with customers and maintaining high profitability of the compan


We are seen as a friendly, caring and efficient organization whose primary focus is on providing consumers with safe and convenient high quality products and services. We are conscious of our role, as a leading corporate citizen, one which requires us at all times to be in tune with and responsive to the social, environmental, economic and cultural aspirations of the Ethiopian people, whilst ensuring the owners a reasonable return on their investment.

Therefore our mission is:

  • To provide the best product and service that can satisfy customers` needs and there by conform with ever changing competition to sufficiently excel and satisfy customers` expectations;
  • To expand the business to different foreign countries with proper diversification mechanisms;  
  • To ensure being a company of choice to its stakeholders and an investment of choice for owners;
  • To contribute positively to socio economic development of Ethiopia in particular and the other countries in general in which it operates

Our Values:

BEAEKA general business P.L.C. has been committed to undertake business with the following core values.

  • As Company; honesty, integrity and transparency is our first priority;
  • Act in an open fashion and be result-oriented, creative and innovative;
  • Adopt none tolerance to indifference, inefficiency and bureaucracy;
  • Treat our customers the same way we would like to be treated and always look for ways to make it easier for customers to do business with us;
  • Be able to create best known company, where by employees with honest, dedicated, creative and self initiative on their duty.
  • We are an equal opportunity employer and enabling employees to feel as the company is their own;
  • We recognize and reward employees for their performance and demonstrate integrity, respect to others, candor and team work;
  •  Creating team work spirit in every individual within the company